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Iron Sky: The Coming Race

                        review by Bobby Blakey


Sometimes the more ridiculous the movie concept the better. In 2012 the world was invaded by director Timo Vuorensola’s Nazi’s on the Moon film Iron Sky. The sheer idea of it all was so ridiculous that there was no way it could work, but thanks to it fully embracing the insanity of it all it became a cult hit. Fans have been waiting for the promised follow up for some time and now it’s here with Iron Sky: The Coming Race starring Udo Kier, Lara Rossi, Stephanie Paul, Jukka Hilden, Julia Dietze, and Tom Green. Could this film capture the absurd fun of the original or will it not be worth returning to the moon?

​In Iron Sky: The Coming Race, following the devastating aftermath of nuclear war on Earth, a former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge for mankind. Limited supplies and overpopulation threaten the survivors until Obi, the leader’s daughter, finds a map pointing to a power buried deep under Earth’s wasted surface that could save mankind or destroy it once and for all. When an old enemy leads our heroes on an adventure into the Hollow Earth, they must fight an ancient shapeshifting reptilian race to save humanity. Knowing the original film you already know what kind of film you are going into, but I applaud them for taking it in a new direction sort of.

This film jumps ahead in time from the previous film but connects it to the original with some returning faces and new characters. The story is still over the top and ridiculous, but once again they make it work. I actually love some of the bizarre direction more this time around especially some of the direction towards the prehistoric era. It amazes me the silliness they make work here that I fully bought into and is a ton of fun to watch. Sure there are some not so great performances here and there and its goofy, but it knows what it is and fully embraces it.

What makes this over the top story work in both this film and the previous one is not just that they take it seriously despite knowing its insanely over the top, but the effects to bring it to life. The majority of the film, if not all, is done on green screen and tehse people clearly know what they are doing. Sure there are a few moments that weren’t high quality, but in the bigger picture they have created their own world that works great. I love this silly series for how over the top insane and just falt out dumb it is by design while still clearly trying to make it as good as possible.

If you like the original then you will have the same fun here with the third act making everything before it worth it all featuring a T-rex. Check out Iron Sky: The Coming Race in theaters, On Demand and digital now from Vertical Entertainment. 

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