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The Complete Second Season

                                         by Bobby Blakey

DC Comics has been on a major role with their TV series. While most of them feature some of their mainstay heroes the one show on The CW that stands apart from the rest is that of iZombie. The series was brought to TV from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and managed to bring a great fun first season to the fans. Now Warner Brothers is bringing the next fun season to Blu-ray and DVD with iZombie The Complete Second Season.

As season two follows, Liv’s ex-fiancé and love, Major, who is reeling from recent events and the knowledge that Liv is a zombie. Meanwhile, Blaine now human struggles to maintain his zombie world; Clive searches for Blaine and suspects Major’s involvement in the Meat Cute massacre; and Ravi remains devoted to finding an antidote to the zombie virus. Unlikely alliances will be struck, relationships will be challenged and the line between good and evil will blur for both zombies and the fully living. As with the previous season this show keeps things moving at a brisk pace and while the story is serious they keep the lighthearted overall tone of the show intact. Everyone in the series does a great job. They have done the smart thing and evolved numerous characters in different directions which a lot of shows like to wait a lot longer before doing. They have kept the tone of the show exactly as the first season with this one actually delivering some parts even better. The always fun aspect of seeing the different ways she prepares her brain meal each episode remains one of the highlights each time. They take you out of the overall moment to remind you of what kind of show you are watching without messing with the drama that is happening around it. Each episode keeps the case of the week as the nature of propelling the show forward while the bigger underlying storyline continues to unravel all around these characters making a bigger world exposed. When all of these things are brought together as good as they are here it makes for one of the most fun with zombies you will likely have outside of The Walking Dead.

This collection features all 19 episodes of the season as well as deleted scenes and the 2015 Comic Con Panel. While this is sure to be exciting enough due to overwhelming fan demand, Warner is also releasing both season 1 and 2 on Blu-ray that will feature all the same bonus features. The Blu-ray releases will be available on and all online retailers as well as iZombie The Complete Second Season DVD will all hit on July 12th from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.

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