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Complete Movie and TV Collection                           review by Bobby Blakey

When MTV launched the insanity of the Jackass TV series in 2000 no one could have predicted that it would have become the juggernaut that it did. While the series only ran for 3 seasons it spawned numerous films and specials. Now Paramount is bringing fans the ultimate collection of fun with the Jackass: Complete Movie and TV Collection.

If you somehow managed to avoid the madness of what these guys brought to the screen it followed a group of guys who just performed a variety of insane stunts and gags that often times resulted in someone hurt in the most hilarious ways possible. There was a big revolving door of cast members with the core group being Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve O, Chris Pontius, Wee Man, Preston Lacy, Dave England, Ehren McGhehey, Brandon DiCamillo, and the late Ryan Dunn. These guys poured everything they had into this series to bring something unlike we had ever seen to the screen. They put their health and bodies through insane torture all to entertain. There were some gags that were not near as funny as others, but just the balls these guys had to do it made it a blast to watch.

After the popularity of the series went through the roof they embarked on bringing the fun to the big screen with their first feature Jackass: The Movie. This feature took it to the next level and not only brought the laughs, it allowed them to step it up in ways no one would have thought. With its success they got more money and returned to deliver more fun with Jackass: Number Two. They brought more crazed hijinx to the table this time around and ended up shooting so much footage they managed to release a separate film with the unused footage as well aptly titled Jackass 2.5.

When films are making money you know the train keeps rolling so they got the band back together for the third film Jackass 3 that also released a companion film with unused footage in Jackass 3.5. These films all captured the fun of the series with bigger stakes and laughs more often than not and continues to be hilarious. There is just something about seeing these guys together along with the stunts that makes it comedy gold.

After a bit of time away Johnny Knoxville took to the big screen in his solo project Bad Grandpa bringing one of his popular characters from the series to the forefront. This time thought he brought in somewhat of a story arc teaming him up with a hilarious kid to get in on the fun for a road trip jackass style. As with the previous two entries of the series this one also released a companion film with Bad Grandpa .5.

It is hard to review this in detail as there is so much greatness here that you could never do it justice, but it is the kind of comedy that never gets old and will never be done like these guys did it again. This collection brings together all of these films and a collection of segments from the TV series for a must have for any fan of the series or any one of the guys of the group. While we may never get that fourth film fans have hoped for we can at least revisit the genius fun that these maniacs delivered us for a lifetime.

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