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Logan Lucky 

review by Bobby Blakey 

There are movies that come along that are so refreshing just from the trailers themselves. While they don’t always end up delivering every so often you get that refreshing original fun flick that stands out from the rest. The latest Logan Lucky from director Steven Soderbergh features and awesome cast including Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, Katherine Waterson, Dwight Yoakam, Sebastian Stan, Brian Gleeson, Jack Quaid, with Hilary Swank and introducing Daniel Craig as Joe Bang, but does it live up to the fun of the trailer or will it botch the heist?

Logan Lucky follows brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan looking to break the family curse who set out to execute an elaborate robbery during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The trailers for this film leads you to believe that this is a sillier movie than it is as well as Tatum and Driver’s characters being simple, but neither is all that accurate. Make no mistake the trailer is perfect to grab the attention of the audience, but the film is so much better than I had expected. This is a simple heist film made all the better by a variety of great and memorable characters that all bring their A game. There is so much to love here from the moment the film starts right up until the ending. Soderbergh has crafted a great story here that keeps you interested and having fun throughout, but it’s the cast that really brings it together.

Tatum and Driver are both great here as the down on their luck brothers looking to change their lives. Each of them has their own reasons, but all boils down to the curse of their family. These guys are at their best here and instead of being the dumb country boys as implied they are actually pretty smart and crafty seeing how they put this whole thing together. Driver is sidelined for some of the film which is a shame, but it works for the story they are telling. Everyone else in the cast do a great job, but it is Daniel Craig who steals almost every scene he is in. As the current bad ass Bond we don’t get to see much of him outside of that world right now, so this was a refreshing change of character and he looks to be having a blast both with the performance and literally blowing things up.

The cleverness of the story perfectly executes the heist aspect which is often a part that fails in these sorts of films. There are so many fun twists and turns that you will stay guessing to where it is going throughout. Sure there are some predictable moments, but it is such a blast seeing it unfold you won’t even care.  

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