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 Lucky Day

review by Bobby Blakey

Lucky Day.jpg

I love a dark film that features interesting and strange characters and humor. Filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have teamed up for some of these over the years along with many others. The latest film Lucky Day from Rules of Attraction director and co-writer of Pulp Fiction, Roger Avary, looks to be one of these films. The film features a great cast including Luke Bracey, Nina Dobrev, Crispin Glover and Clifton Collins Jr., but does it have that something special to make it stand out or will it be worthless art?


Lucky Day follows safe-cracker Red, finally out of prison, who rejoins his wife and daughter and vows to go straight. But psychotic French hit-man Luc has also come to town, seeking revenge against Red for the death of Luc’s brother — leading to a very unlucky showdown. I knew nothing about this film going in and even if I didn’t find out that someone involved in Pulp Fiction was involved it was pretty clear in the best way possible. As I watched this film I immediately thought it felt similar to a Tarantino film and ended up having a blast with it.


Initially it is kind of slow as it is setting everything up, but once the always unique and awesome Crispin Glover arrives it goes off the rails in the best way possible. The cast are good but for me it was Glover that stole the show like only he can. The story isn’t overly complicated which is good as this film is all about the great over the top performances and violence that it delivers plenty of. There is no shortage of bullets flying and blood spewing that elevates his film to insanity at times. As if this film wasn’t crazy entertaining already I was surprised by a great cameo sequence featuring Mark Dacacos who sadly doesn’t fight but still pretty memorable moment.


This is a simple, violent fun movie that was an unexpected treat. It might not work for everyone, but if you love films like Pulp Fiction, True Romance or Seven Psychopaths then give this one a try. Grab your copy of Lucky Day available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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