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Enter for a chance to win a copy of True Detective: Night Country

True Detective Night Country.jpg

In 2014 creator Nic Pizzolatto unleashed the crime series True Detective on the masses. Each season is a self-contained narrative with new casts and crimes each time. Each season has featured an impressive cast leading the charge and the most recent season, True Detective: Night Country keeps it going starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis and created by Tigers Are Not Afraid director Issa Lopez.

True Detective: Night Country follows eight men who operate the Tsalal Arctic Research Station who vanish without a trace when the long winter night falls in Ennis, Alaska. To solve the case, Detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro will have to confront the darkness they carry in themselves and dig into the haunted truths that lie buried under the eternal ice.


Now you can enter for a chance to win a copy of True Detective: Night Country and all you have to do is subscribe to our site, Facebook page here, Twitter page here, Instagram page here and our YouTube Channel here and tell us your favorite crime series and why?

It’s that simple! All entries will be entered in the contest and the winner will be chosen at random so please include your complete mailing address with your entry. You can find the email address to submit your entry on the front page of the site. 

If you don’t win have no fear, you can still grab your copy of True Detective: Night Country available now on Blu-ray and DVD from HBO and Warner Bros Discovery Home Entertainment.

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