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Interview with Assault on VA-33 star Mark Dacascos

                                                 by Bobby Blakey 


Through the years there have been a ton of great martial arts action stars, but few that have crossed so many genres than Mark Dacascos. From his debut feature American Samurai in 1992 to his Capoeria action flick Only The Strong and more recently his turn as Zero in John Wick 3: Parabellum he has been racking up the hits. While known for his martial arts mastery he has also crossed into reality TV as the Chairman in Iron Chef and network TV as the reoccurring villain Wo Fat in Hawaii Five-O. I had the chance to sit down and discuss his latest film Assault on VA-33 directed by Christopher Ray.


Assault on VA-33 follows decorated army veteran Jason Hill on a routine visit to the local VA hospital where organized terrorists infiltrate the building and take hostages, including a decorated general, and Hill’s wife. The highly trained veteran is outnumbered and the last line of defense, taking on a building full of armed insurgents before it’s too late.


This time around we are sharing the video interview featured on our YouTube channel complete with some pretty cool branding by Paramount and Saban Films. You can check out the video here now our head over to our official YouTube channel to check it out.


Check out Assault on VA-33 now in select theaters, digital, and On Demand from Paramount and Saban Films.

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