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Most Wanted

  review by Bobby Blakey

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We don’t see enough of Josh Hartnett these days for some reason. Recently he popped up in the great Quibi series Die Hart as fictional and hilarious version of himself and now in the all-new film Most Wanted co-starring Antoine Olivier Pilon, and Jim Gaffigan from director Daniel Roby. Could this thriller bring the twists and turns we love from the genre or will it lead down a path not worth investigating?

Most Wanted follows the gripping true story, an investigative journalist (Josh Hartnett) unravels a twisted case of entrapment in which Daniel (Antoine Olivier Pilon), a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, is forced into a dangerous drug deal against his will and is sentenced to 100 years in a Thai prison.  As Daniel endures torture and abuse, the journalist must track down the shady undercover cops benefiting off the conspiracy, while also fighting for Daniel’s freedom. 

It’s always amazing how these real life stories are always more unbelievable than the fiction that’s out there. This is not a fast paced story but does have a bit of action. Instead it’s a slow build dual tale that intertwines in different time periods as we are taken on the journey of the truth. It is a bit slow paced and kind of all over the place at times, but still delivers a compelling story that keeps you invested to see how it all plays out. The addition to the Thai locale and Thai prison gives it both a bigger feel and more dire direction knowing how dangerous those prisons are.

Hartnett might be on the cover, but he shares the lead with Antoine Olivier Pilon. They are leading the charge on the two stories and on a collision course together. It was an interesting direction to how they tell this story and a bit confusing at times, but it makes perfect sense as it moves forward and ended

up making a lot more interesting than it might have been otherwise. Both of these guys are great with Pilon having a lot more of the emotional and physical stuff to deal with and does a hell of a job. Hartnett is great as well fighting for his story and a good counter to what Pilon has to deal with.

In the end it has some issues here and there and might lose some due to the slow pace with the two hour run time, but still worked. There are elements that could be trimmed down and others that needed to be fleshed out but still works itself out successfully. Join the investigation and grab your copy of Most Wanted available now On Demand, digital and Blu-ray from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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