Interview with Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies executive producer Jim McBride aka Mr. Skin Interview

                                                                            by Bobby Blakey 


I love movies of all kinds and like most as a kid trying to see those nude scenes and violence we weren’t supposed to see was part of the fun. Even to this day there is a stigma on anything involving nudity, but it has obviously opened up in a lot more avenues. There is one man who is a mental encyclopedia of nudity in films and his name is Mr. Skin. Ok actually his name is Jim McBride, but he owns and operates the popular data base site as well as appearances on The Howard Stern Show yearly for the Skinatomy Awards. Now he is executive producer on the new documentary Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies. I had the pleasure to speak with him about this awesome documentary and  


Bobby: Before getting into the film can you tell us what the Mr. Skin brand is for the few people that may not know?


Jim: I have been running since 1999 and in fact on August 20th the site will be 21 years old. is a database that is a history of nudity in film and television from all over the world, not just American. It’s really been a fun ride and we 40 skinpolyees and we also launched which is the male version of Mr Skin. I have a great team and have never been involved with creating a movie or anything prior to this, but I am the executive producer and looking forward to it.


Bobby: Outside the obvious reason you would be involved in this film how did you get involved with the movie?


Jim: A couple things. I look at documentaries now and I really think we are in the golden age of them. The reason I say that is I really feel when you are out with friends and talking over dinner the water cooler type talk is usually these documentaries. The Last Dance was huge about the Chicago Bulls, Tiger King whatever it is that’s what people are talking about. It used to be people were all bummed to have to watch them but now they are so fascinating. After doing this for over twenty years I knew no one had done a definitive history of nudity in the movies, but I didn’t have a back ground in movies, I run a website. I got to know Paul Fishbein who used to own AVN and he has produced a number documentaries and movies. We got to talking and I explained to him that no one had ever done this before and it has got to be done. Director Danny Wolf had worked with him on some other projects and I put together some writers that I liked and we put a team together. We worked on this for about two years and here we are. I am really proud of what this has become, but it wasn’t like something five years ago I thought I would do.   


Bobby: When you see the title Skin, you get an assumption to what you are going to be watching, but this film was so much more. How hard was it to keep on track to keep the nudity aspect while focusing on the history, Me Too movement and everything else?


Jim: It was very hard. I tell you, the hardest thing was narrowing it down to a two hour documentary. We kind of book end the Me Too movement starting with what’s going on with Weinstein and all these other guys then we go right to the 1880s with

Thomas Edison and the first motion pictures and one of the first motion pictures was of nude people. We really went decade by decade through this. We started with hundreds and hundreds of potential nude scenes and moments that were important and keep having to narrow it down to do it in a couple of hours. That was really hard