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Don’t Think Twice      review by Bobby Blakey

There are films that come along that sadly do not get the push they deserve and often don’t offer up the big budget fair that tends to rake in the mounds of cash. The latest hoping to bring that something special the screen is Don’t Think Twice featuring a great cast including Gillian Jacobs, Kate Mucucci, Tami Sagher, Keegan-Michael Key, Chris Gethard and Mike Birbiglia who also writes and directs, but does it manage to leave it all on the stage as planned or will it be the final curtain call?

Don’t Think Twice follows a member of a popular New York City improv troupe who gets a huge break and the rest of the group, all best friends, start to realize that not everyone is going to make it after all. This is a simple film that offers up so much heart and emotional struggle that it works to perfection. Understand that the struggle focus here is more about that of success and passion as opposed to the usual relationship idea. Sure there are some aspects of that here, but this is a glimpse inside the world of comedy and improve groups like viewers have never seen. There are some really funny moments getting to see this group come together on stage, but it’s their personal time that really cements the bond that they have. There are some great character moments here and the entire cast seem to click really well. All of them offer up some great personal moments along with the ensemble moments to help the film feel balanced throughout. While it feels like the film might focus on someone specific it actual feels like everyone’s story and situation is being told which allows the film to unfold more naturally. This scenario not only gives you the constant chance to root for them all to succeed, but to feel their pain and frustration for those that do not.

This film isn’t offering up anything that has been done in some way before, but the clever ideal of its setting which everyone in the cast has likely dealt with in their real careers makes it feel like something special. This is a great cast who have all done their own things already, but brought here together they create magic on screen. IF you are looking for a great movie that just lets the performances and real life struggles tell the tale then this is the film for you.

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