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     No Exit
review by Bobby Blakey

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There is nothing like a good thriller with plenty of twists and turns as long as the story getting there is compelling. The latest looking to capture this genre is No Exit based on Taylor Adams’ 2017 novel and starring Havana Rose Liu, Danny Ramirez, David Rysdahl, Mila Harris and Dennis Haysbert with director Damien Power at the helm. Could this flick offer up what the fans ant in this genre or will it be frozen in place?

No Exit follows Darby Thorne, a young woman en route to a family emergency who is stranded by a blizzard and forced to find shelter at a highway rest area with a group of strangers. When she stumbles across an abducted girl in a van in the parking lot, it sets her on a terrifying life-or-death struggle to discover who among them is the kidnapper.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this film since I hadn’t heard anything about it so went in totally fresh which is always a fun experience. Right out the gate I was initially a bit concerned as it was moving at a snails pace and while an interesting initial story it felt like it wasn’t really going in the direction of the promised story. All of this was actually just a set up to get to know the character and I can only assume to throw you off on where its heading. There are some of the back story elements that play into Thorne’s actions, but as a whole they weren’t completely necessary.

Once it gets to the meat of the story it gets pretty compelling as the mystery begins to unfold. I was surprised to how quick you start to learn information, but it opened up so many more levels to it all it was necessary to keep it moving and get to the reveal. Havana Rose Liu is great in the role of Throne who is forced to offer up a wide variety of emotions and physicality. She really brings some depth to the character that is needed to keep her compelling and not just another heroine.

The rest of the cast are fine, but none really stood out for me. They are all kind of generic characters and although as more is revealed about them all and they become more layered none of them really jumped off the screen for me. Thankfully there is enough suspense, twists and turns to keep you interested until the very end even though there are some elements that are predictable.

It’s a decent thriller worth checking out so decide for yourself and catch No Exit streaming now on Hulu from 20th Century Studios.

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