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One Day As A Lion       review by Bobby Blakey

There are so many films that come and go in the straight to home release market featuring big stars. It is always baffling how they got there on some of them, but others it’s pretty clear. Scott Caan has been kicking some ass on TV with Hawaii Five-O and his latest show Alert: Missing Persons Unit. Now he is taking on double duties in his latest film One Day As A Lion as both star and writer. The film co-stars Frank Grillo, Marianne Rendón, Taryn Manning, George Carroll, Virginia Madsen, and J.K. Simmons from Ida Red director John Swab at the helm. Could this film offer up something special or will it fail to make the hit?


One Day As A Lion follows Jackie Powers, a nice guy but a lousy hit man, who is sent to take out a crafty debtor but only pisses him off. Fleeing the scene, Jackie takes bored waitress Lola as a hostage. When Jackie reveals he needs money to get his son out of jail, Lola cooks up a scheme for them to get cash from her dying mother. Meanwhile, a thug sent to kill him is sleeping with Jackie’s ex.


Outside of this cast I knew nothing about this film, but since I dig everyone involved was hoping for something that would deliver. While not breaking any new ground it still manages to be entertaining and as bit quirky as well in a good way. The tone of the film felt very Tarantino like in its characters involved which I was here for. The story is pretty simple, but has enough interesting layers to get you invested in these characters and where they are headed.


Scott Caan brings his usual swagger to the role, but with a bit more innocence than usual in his nice guy persona. It’s not what I would normally expect from him and that is a good thing. He is the heart of this film with his

journey alongside Marianne Rendon as two characters just trying to find their way in this crazy world and out of the insane circumstance that brought them together.


The rest of the cast are good as well with each bringing some fun personality to their roles. With such a strong cast and fun story I was hoping it would hit harder. It feels at times like it is trying to play it safe and never goes all in to what it could have been. It’s not a bad movie or anything, but felt like there was just more there sometimes and left on the table. With such a great build up and different intriguing possibilities it ended more on a wimper with little flair making it end more average than it should have been.


In the end it is a fine movie that does entertain, I was just feeling more coming than we actually got. Decide for yourself and check out One Day As A Lion available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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