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Puppet Master 5      review by Bobby Blakey

The Puppet Master series has become one that is a stable in any horror fans collection, especially those fans of Charles Band and Full Moon Horror. This straight to video horror series debuted in 1989 and has since spawned ten sequels. While this is the fourth of the series, it is actually the seventh film in chronological order to the overall story. After original previous entries in the Puppet Master franchise got the Blu-ray treatment in 2010 using the original print to re-master this horror classic, it was only a matter of time before more would follow and now Puppet Master 5 on Blu-ray is here.

Puppet Master 5 follows a greedy doctor who seeks exploit Puppet Master Rick's magic for his own gain. Dr. Jennings has a diabolical plan to make a mint by selling Blade and friends to the military for use as weapons. Meanwhile, as Dr. Jennings breaks into the Bodega Inn to steal the puppets, malevolent pharaoh Sutec sends his evil puppet Totem on a mission to dispatch Puppet Master Rick and harness the power his magic. With the evil doctor closing in from one side and Totem gaining ground on the other, Blade, Jester, Torch, Six-Shooter, Pinhead, and Tunneler race to resurrect Decapitron in order to save their master, and prevent his magic from falling into the wrong hands. This chapter continues the story from the fourth entry picking up after the aftermath of it all. This latest entry brings everything you love in this franchise to life, but this time around has the popular killer puppets playing up the hero roles once again.

The evil puppet they face off against is another fun entry and the enormous somewhat goofy, but awesome demon takes this series to the next cheesy level. The filmmakers clearly knew that the puppets where the reason fans loved these series so much and decided to take them in a different direction to give them the chance to open up more opportunities for the characters. This is cool, but also takes some of the insanity of them away and part of what makes them so cool to watch. This film was shot at the same time as the last entry so the same cast return and like part 4, the all that great and the story is a still klunky at times, but the practical effects make up for it all making this yet another fun entry into the series. There are some fun kills and puppet torment to keep fans happy despite their more good nature this time around.

If you’re a true horror fan or just love anything Full Moon puts out, this is a must have version of Puppet Master 5. Not only sporting this great transferred re-mastering of the film it includes a VideoZone, commentary by director Jeff Burr and featurettes behind bringing the latest chapter to life. Don’t miss out on Puppet Master 5 for the first time in this all-new Blu-ray edition available now!

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