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Rambo 4K Ultra       review by Bobby Blakey


Sylvester Stallone is one of those few action icons that has managed to kick start more than one successful franchise. In 1982 Stallone took on an all-new role with First Blood that should have been a one off film with the title character dying at the end, but thanks to a change in script kicked off the Rambo franchise spawning two sequels in the 80s another chapter in 2008 aptly titled Rambo as well as a final chapter due to hit theaters this year. Now Lionsgate is bringing the fourth entry aptly titled Rambo to 4K Ultra for the first time.

Rambo follows John Rambo who reluctantly agrees to carry a group of Christian missionaries into war-torn Burma after spending several years in northern Thailand operating a longboat on the Salween River. But when the aid workers are captured by ruthless Nationalist Army soldiers, Rambo leads a group of battle-scarred, combat-hardened mercenaries on an epic, last-ditch mission to rescue the prisoners – at all costs. I love every entry to this franchise, but this one changed the entire vibe of the character in the best way possible. I always felt this one was more in line with the original as it was even more about how everything had taken its toll on him and he was just done.

In the same vein his hostility to the world due to his circumstances and past shine through in the intensely graphic violence this time around. The action is the best of the series and I cannot get enough of watching Rambo behind the mounted gun shredding apart the bad guys. At the same time there is still some heart here as it felt more personal to the character in his reasoning to help and deal with his own demons leading up to the perfect cap to the series, but as we know that is not the end yet. Stallone was great this time with a stoic persona and using his actions to do most of the speaking for him. He fully embraced his age and direction of this iconic character which he has continued to do with Rocky as well that in turn has brought an all new great spotlight on these great characters.

This new release not only includes the feature in stunning 4K for the first time ever, but a ton of bonus content including trailer, deleted scenes, and numerous featurettes that take you behind bringing this chapter of the franchise to the big screen. Sharpen your blade and grab your copy of Rambo 4K Ultra available now from Lionsgate.

Be sure to grab the original Rambo trilogy available now on 4K and check out the final chapter of the famed franchise with Rambo: Last Blood in theaters on September 20th.

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