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                          review by Bobby Blakey

Well Go USA continues to bring the top Asian films to the US audiences. The latest flick with Jackie Chan’s name on it doesn’t come in the form of the action star in the lead, but in an executive producer role. The feature, Reset looks to take on the subject of time travel, but does it offer up a compelling story or should it stop repeating itself?

Reset follows Xia Tian, a single mother and an associate researcher whose life's work is a machine that can allow people to return to the past. However, upon the completion of the machine, her son, Dou Dou, gets kidnapped and is held ransom in exchange for it. The only way she can save her son is by using the machine to travel an hour and fifty minutes back in time to prevent the kidnapping. I am always leery of anything involving time travel because more often than not they just don’t work. I was pretty surprised to how well this one worked overall despite getting lost on itself at times.

The story is actually pretty simple and sticks to a buy the numbers with nothing that overly stands out, but the way it handles just works. There is plenty of action here and some clever decisions in the story to keep it moving forward that makes it feel fresh. I was surprised by some of the sadder moments and the willingness to go there, but that is part of what makes most Asian films work so much better. I expected way more sci-fi visuals from the box art, but it was surprisingly grounded and set in a world that you can buy into pretty easily.

The ending of the film brings the consequences full circle as expected, but loved the unexpected faceoff it led up too. This is a great entry into the time travel genre and one that I think fans would enjoy. Step into a parallel world and grab your copy of Reset available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA.

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