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review by Bobby Blakey

I love a good comedy and there are always a ton of them being released in the straight to home entertainment market. The latest Sasq-Watch is bringing the documentary genre and smashing it together with the legend of bigfoot in hopes for hilarious results. The film stars Paul Brittain, Adam Herschman, Christine Bently, Neil Flynn, and Tim Meadows with Convergence director Drew Hall at the helm, but does it bring the promised laughs or will it be a lost legend like its subject?

Sasq-Watch follows uber geeks Nigel and Oscar who want nothing more than to capture definitive evidence of a Sasquatch. When their guide bails on them, they must resort to using a mis-matched group of outdoor enthusiasts. Meanwhile, their rival Claus, also on the hunt for the "Squatch", races to beat them to the prize. I always go into films like this with an open mind, but also hesitant because sadly more often than not they miss the mark. I am happy to say that I really enjoyed this film on all fronts. The story is silly, but simple and offers up just enough to keep it moving forward without cluttering it with useless forced nonsense like most of these films do. The cast is all great with Adam Herschman stealing the show in every scene and the always funny Tim Meadows right there behind him. There are so many great laugh out loud moments with these two that makes it worth checking out a lone, but as a whole it just works period.

I am not sure what I was expecting here, but I got more than I was hoping for. Drew Hall showcased his flare for the unreal with Convergence and has now shown he has an eye for comedy as well. This is one of those fun little movies that will connect with everyone differently since the humor is a bit silly and childish most of the time, but laughs are laughs and I did just that.

Whether you are a fan of the cast, sasquatch, comedy or an amalgam of them all, decide for yourself and give Sasq-Watch a try available now on DVD.  

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