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                         Saving Private Ryan:

20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition 4K                                   review by Bobby Blakey

There is no denying that Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time and is still churning out amazing films. It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since he unleashed his war epic Saving Private Ryan that features a great cast including Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Tom Sizemore, Giavanni Ribisi and Vin Diesel. Now Paramount is bringing an all-new special commemorative edition of the classic film home on 4K Ultra.

Saving Private Ryan follows WWII, where Chief of Staff, General Marshall is informed that three of a woman's sons have been killed and that she's going to receive the notifications of their demise at the same time. And when he learns that a fourth son is still unaccounted for, the General decides to send a unit to find him and bring him back, despite being told that it's highly unlikely that he is still alive and the area that he was known to be at is very dangerous. So the unit consisting of 8 men are sent to find him but as stated it's very dangerous and one by one, they are picked off. Will they find him and how many of them will still be alive? I am not ashamed to say that this is one of my favorite war movies of all time and with revisiting this new 4K Ultra release it holds up to perfection.

The opening sequence alone reminds you of the horrors of war and lets you know that this film is not going to be an easy ride. I loved the visual style used here and despite the near 3 hour run time never fails to keep you engaged. Not only does the film feel as fresh now as it was 20 years ago, but the addition to seeing young then lesser known talent in the cast including Paul Giamatti, Nathan Fillion, Bryan Cranston and of course a then unknown Matt Damon makes it all the better. I knew where the story was heading and how it ended and still found myself fully engaged from beginning to end and the high quality 4K transfer takes it to a new visual level.

This release not only features this amazing Academy Award winning film it boasts a ton of bonus content including trailers and featurettes that take you behind bringing this epic to violent life. Step back onto the battlefield and grab your copy of Saving Private Ryan: 20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition 4K Ultra HD when it hits the beach on May 8th from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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