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   Section 8
review by Bobby Blakey

SECTION EIGHT_1080x1600_v2.jpg

I love all things Scott Adkins so I will watch everything he is in whether he is the lead or not. The latest film Section 8 from Paydirt and Vigilante Diaries director Christian Sesma features a great cast including Ryan Kwanten, Dermot Mulroney, Mickey Rourke and reteaming Scott Adkins once again with Dolph Lundgren. Could this flick bring the action it promises or should it been seated in a different section?


Section 8 follows a former soldier is sent to prison with a life sentence after avenging the murder of his wife and child. He’s given a shot at freedom when a shadow government agency recruits him for an off-the-books assignment, and he soon realizes Section 8 isn’t what it seems.


I knew going in that this was not a Scott Adkins led film, but would be lying if I said it wasn’t the reason I was interested. Sadly he isn’t in the film as much as I had hoped, but does get ample time to kick some ass. In fact this film is led by Kwanten who does a good job. The film is a pretty straight forward action flick with nothing overly new to the genre, but enough to keep it entertaining.


The film starts out as a revenge film before shifting focus into an action thriller and then bringing it all back together. There isn’t anything here you haven’t seen before, but everyone involved seems to be all in and deliver an entertaining film. There is plenty of action outside of Adkins film stealing ass kicking that will no doubt entertain action fans, but as a whole it isn’t going to be racking up the numbers as anything new and fresh.


That being said I still enjoyed it for what it was and think there are elements here that shine including Kwanten in the lead, the action and of course all

things Adkins. IF you are looking for a decent action flick you could do worse so just dive in and watch the bullets fly.  


Decide for yourself and check out Section 8 when it hits theaters and AMC + on September 23rd from RLJE Films.

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