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The Complete Tenth Season

                                 review by Bobby Blakey


I have been a fan of Shameless since it debuts on Showtime back in 2011. Not only is it filled with chaos, sex, violence and a lot of just bad people, there is an element to it that is relatable to real life. There have been numerous cast changes throughout its run and somehow it still managed to push through to become Showtime’s longest running scripted series. Now fans can revisit or check it for the first time when the tenth season heads home.


Shameless follows an Irish American family, the Gallaghers dealing with their alcoholic father Frank. Fiona, the eldest daughter, takes the role of the parent to her five brothers and sisters. Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam deal with life on the South Side of Chicago. In Season 10, Frank's exploits lead him to an old friend, Debbie rules over the Gallagher household with an iron fist, Lip navigates his relationship (and parenthood) with Tami, Carl faces life after military school, Liam is tutored by V about black history and culture, and Kev has an identity crisis. Plus, “Gallavich” returns as Ian and Mickey rekindle their romance in prison as both cellmates and lovers.


I’m not going to lie, when it was announced that Emmy Rossum was leaving at the end of the ninth season I was concerned this might be the end of the series. While this was always firmly planted on the Gallaghers as a whole, she was always the glue that held it all together. It became pretty clear after a few episodes that this season was not going to lose a single step. The entire cast are as strong as ever and once again show that this show is bigger than one character.


This season continued to take them all in new and often times darker and humorous directions. I love this series more each season and seeing these kids grow into adults makes you feel all the more invested. It’s a bit off putting in general seeing these adults situations that some of them are in, but like any parent or adult you have to remember that they have grown up

and adults. This is another sign of great writing and performances to get that connected to the characters and their journey. Per usual they have crafted numerous intertwining stories that push the boundaries of these characters and the show to deliver yet another great season.


With the upcoming eleventh and final season being delayed due to the COVID-19 situation what better time to check out the tenth season. Head back to the South side of Chicago to the dysfunctional home of the Gallager’s and grab your copy of Shameless: The Complete Tenth Season on digital and DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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