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Shawscope Volume 2:
 Limited Edition Box
        review by Bobby Blakey

I love all things martial arts and grew up with the iconic Kung-Fu Theater on TV that often times featured films from The Shaw Brothers. Fans of the famed movie studio will no doubt be excited for the latest release of the Shawscope Volume Two: Limited Edition Box Set. Picking up where Volume One left off, this sophomore collection of Hong Kong cinema classics draws together many of the best films from the final years of the Shaw Brothers studio, proving that while the end was nigh, these merchants of martial arts mayhem weren’t going to go out without a fight!

For those that don’t know, the studio officially originated in 1958 as the successor to the Tianyi Film Company. Under the leadership of Run Run Shaw, the company popularized kung fu films and launched many careers of some of Hong Kong's biggest stars. The studio's films have had a lasting impact, going on to influence the likes of Quentin Tarantino and the Wu-Tang Clan. With the release of Shawscope Volume Two, Arrow looks to shine a much-deserved light on classics from the Godfathers of Hong Kong Cinema. 


This set includes a variety of films from their archive including Mercenaries, Mad Monkey Kung Fu, the 36 Chambers series and so many more making this a must have set for martial arts fans everywhere. I could go on and on with my love for their films, but since there are so many here just want to highlight some of my favorites and the overall look and tone of yet another amazing set from Arrow.


Of all the films in this collection one of my all-time favorites was The Kid With The Golden Arm. This film alone makes the set worth it for me as I have struggled to find a copy of it. While the fights aren’t always as perfect as I had remembered as a kid they are non-stop and classic to the genre for dang near the entire film. Getting to revisit again after so many years was a joy and I love it just as much now as I did as a kid.


There are a few here I had not only never seen, but never even heard of which made it all; the more worthwhile to be exposed to other films from the iconic studio. You can’t just gloss over easily one of the biggest and most popular of their films the The 36 Chambers of Shaolin that not only spawned sequels, but is considered by many to be one of the greatest Kung-Fu films to ever be made. Sure none of these films that the best fighting in compared to what we are getting these days, but the artistry and beauty of it all just makes these films a great joy to behold.  


Another highlight in this set for me is getting the Martial Arts of Shaolin which is one of the earliest films in Jet Li’s career. Anytime you get to witness Jet Li in his prime it is a treat and just another reason this set is so great. The variety of films takes you on a fun journey through the world of the Shaw Brothers universe and makes this set a must have. Every movie looks better than the next, doing a great justice to these iconic films in the martial arts genre from the studio that was the best at it. I could do on about all the films, but instead I am just going to tell you that everything about this set is all kinds of awesome and if you are a fan of the genre like me than you will need to grab your copy ASAP.


This 10-disc mega-box set containing 8 Blu-rays and 2 CD limited-edition set includes hours of bonus content including new and archived interviews, newly commissioned artwork for each film, and a 60-page booklet with writing on the films, including cast and crew info and trivia. This is the second of multiple Shawscope volumes Arrow plans to release in the future and one that any martial arts lover must have in their collection.

Bring home the Shawscope Volume Two: Limited Edition Box Set available now from Arrow.


For more info or to order head over Arrow here

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