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Smiling Friends: Season 1              review by Bobby Blakey

Over the years Adult Swim has churned out some insanely fun animated programs including Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, Rick & Morty and so much more. In 2022 they added another crazy show to the line up with Smiling Friends from creators  Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack. Now the show is getting the home release treatment, but is it something that will bring a smile to your face or should they close up shop?

Smiling Friends follows a small company dedicated to bringing happiness to the world, receives a simple request to help a woman's unhappy son smile again. They send Pim and Charlie to take on the task, but the job turns out to be more complicated than it seems. As this is happening, Allan searches the Smiling Friends office for his lost piece of cheese.

I had never heard of this show before diving into this new release so wasn’t sure what to expect. Coming from Adult Swim I at least knew it would likely be some craziness and I was not wrong. The story is simple in its set up and dives right into the mix, but it’s the wacky cases that takes it into the strange, bizarre and often hilarious directions.

Right our the gat the first episode lets you know what insanity is to come and had me cracking up.

The characters and designs are really simple in the best way possible. They have created characters that are weird and practical with very little normalcy to them and thrust them into a world just as weird. They are interacting with strange

characters as well as some more normal ones and it makes the whole thing just more strange and bizarre as it goes on.

The fun and strangeness of it all coupled with short episodes makes it the perfect binge worthy show for fans of the over the top crazy animated shows like this. There is one specific moment in the final episode involving this shaking crazy monster demon thing that had me rolling every time it was on screen. I loved this show and cannot wait for it to return for a new season.

While you wait check out Smiling Friends when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on August 29th from Adult Swim and Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

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