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Wu: The Story of Wu-Tang                   review Bobby Blakey

One of the most prolific rap groups of all time has to be that of the Wu-Tang Clan. They have not only had a major influence on the music world, but their legacy spread beyond that and into the world of film as well. Now their story is coming home with the documentary Wu: The Story of Wu-Tang.

The film begins in the summer of 1993, when the Wu-Tang Clan emerged from the slums of Staten Island, NY and took the hip-hop world by storm. Their legacy spanned over a decade, selling more than 20 million albums. Their talents brought them success and their music made them legends. Being a massive fan of the Wu-Tang clan and hip hop in general I tend to gravitate to all things that feature it. This is a great documentary focusing on these guys that gives fans an inside look at their career. It never veers too far away from the pretty standard documentary formula which was a bit surprising as I would have thought it would have been as stand out as the group itself. That doesn’t make it a bad film at all, in fact it is really good, but I guess I just wanted more. My love for the group and their music is something that probably just can’t be contained in one film, but here they did craft together a good story filled with plenty of stock footage of performances and interviews that takes you back to where it all began.

The time it was produced left a lot of new stories untold due to where they are today, but for anyone that is a fan of the group or just the music genre at all this is a must see. The influence these guys have had is all the more evident in this film and will further cement their legacy as rap icons.

Just in time to celebrate the anniversary of the 25th anniversary of the album “Wu-Tang Forever” you can check out the documentary Wu: The Story of Wu-Tang available now on VOD.

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