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review by Bobby Blakey

I have been attending conventions for years as both a fan and as an artist guest so seeing a film focused on this world is something that is always an instant interest. The latest film taking on the con scene is Supercon that features a great cast including Ryan Kwanten, Maggie Grace, Mike Epps, Brooks Braselman, Russell Peters, Clancy Brown, and John Malkovich with director Zak Knutson at the helm, but does it bring the laughs to this world or will it not be worth waiting in line for?

Supercon follows former TV actor Keith Mahar whose on only claim to fame was as a child star in an 80’s television show. Keith reluctantly joins his close friends, cartoon voice-over actor Matt, comic book artist Allison, and 80’sTV star Brock, who are also working a comic convention, but things take a turn for the worst when Keith’s former co-star and Supercon’s big ticket draw for the weekend Adam King decides to have this group fired and banned from the convention with the help of the convention promoter. This launches the friends on a crusade to bring down King and the promoter in the most epic way imaginable. Going in I assumed this was going to be a silly fun film and it lived up to expectations.

The best part about this film is that it never takes itself all that seriously which is why it works so perfectly. The cast all look like they are having a blast which gives it the silly fun energy it needs to work. Everyone here fully captures the different kinds of people that are at the conventions. Kwanten has the high energy prankster type mentality that is always the one that brings the energy to the show with Peters being the one that never feels like he wants to be there, but doesn’t have much more going. The rest are the usual make-up of the cast of characters that are at every show like this and keep the overall ambiance intact. Getting to see the always great Clancy Brown get to cut loose in a silly role like this just added to the fun of it all and made it all come together to perfection.

This is a silly slapstick style comedy that won’t work for everyone and will no doubt be way more entertaining to people that spend time in the con world. I had a great time here and it had a fun 80s vibe slapped with the world I have spent a lot of time in making this a film that was tailor made for me and no doubt many more out there.

Give the zany con world a try and check out Supercon when it hits Theaters, VOD and Digital HD April 27th and then on DVD June 5th from Sony Home Entertainment.

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