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The Black String          review by Bobby Blakey


I love seeing young actors that go from child actors to adults that take on interesting projects. The latest, The Black String stars Frankie Muniz in a much different role than we have seen before. Could this be one of those standout films that offer up something that draws you in or will there be nothing at the end of the string?


The Black String follows Jonathan who hooks up with sexy Dena through a swinger’s hotline and becomes incredibly ill. Suffering from blackouts and hallucinations, Jonathan’s life begins to fall apart. He becomes convinced that he’s the helpless victim of an evil cult that’s cursed him with deadly mystical forces beyond his control. But is this supernatural threat real or all in Jonathan’s troubled mind? This riveting horror-thriller will leave you shaken long after it’s all done.


I didn’t really know much about this film going in, I hadn’t even watched the trailer, but I am a fan of Muniz from his previous work on Malcolm and Agent Cody Banks. I am happy to say that I really dug this film. It’s not breaking mold of the genre or anything, but it does a good job of offering up an insane journey of one man that is spiraling out of control. As he falls deeper into this crazed world he is thrust into it goes through numerous twists and turns that keep you guessing to where it is all headed. They keep it pretty serious throughout but there are a couple of fun moments that lighten it up a bit.


Muniz is great here bringing a wide variety of emotions and actions to the role that keep you entertained right up until the end. This isn’t a gory movie, but there are a couple of scenes that will please the gore hounds complete with a great visual moment in the third act. There are a lot of elements that leave it to your own thoughts to what is really happening so check it out for yourself and try to discover the mystery of what The Black String is really about.

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