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The Blue Angels     review by Bobby Blakey

When I was young, like a lot of kids, I wanted to be a pilot, but not just a pilot, a fighter pilot. I collected photos of various fighter jets that I used to get from the various branches of the military and frequented air shows with the family. The only thing better than just getting to see the planes up close was the chance of seeing my two flight teams in action. One being the Thunderbirds in their F-16s and the other the Blue Angels ripping up the sky in their F-18s. Now the flights are hitting the screen with the all-new documentary following the Naval squad aptly titled The Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels follows The Blue Angels in a brand-new documentary featuring never-before-seen footage that chronicles a year with the Navy’s elite Flight Demonstration Squadron—from selection through the challenging training and demanding show season—showcasing the extraordinary teamwork, passion, and pride that fuels America’s best, the Blue Angels.

I was so excited to get some more in-depth time with the iconic air team and this film doesn’t disappoint. I was hoping for a bit more history than it offers, but that isn’t the point of this film. They hit on some great moments and enough history to keep it compelling while keeping the focus on this current team in their year of training and performing. Throughout it all they also delve into the process of the next generation of the team.

The film is a straightforward documentary with nothing that stands out regarding the way it is put together, but the subject matter and in-flight cameras elevate it to something special. Much like the film Top Gun: Maverick they showcase a lot of time in the jets with the team as they perform and train. This alone makes the film worth seeing as it puts you in the cockpit allowing you to witness how it feels to do what they do.

I really enjoyed this inside look and hope it finds the audience that it deserves. They are an iconic part of our military and a true symbol of honor, dedication, discipline and the USA and their history should be known. If possible be sure to check it out on the biggest screen possible while it’s in theaters now, but if you can’t have no fear you can still catch it when it streams exclusively on May 23rd on Prime Video.

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