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The Croods: A New Age

               review by Bobby Blakey

The Croods New Age.jpg

In 2013, the world was introduced to the first family of the prehistoric era, The Croods about a clan dealing with their changing world captivated global audiences, reminding us of the timeless importance of family…and just how little we’ve evolved. Now they are back with the next chapter The Croods: A New Age featuring returning and new cast including Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman, Clark Duke, Leslie Mann and Peter Dinklage. Could this last chapter bring more of the same prehistoric fun or will it fail to evolve?

The Croods: The New Age follows the prehistoric family the Croods who are challenged by rival family the Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved. I love animated films, but even more so when they can offer up fun adventure and creative creatures and characters. I really had a blast with the original film and upon revisiting it had just as much fun. Heading into this one I wasn’t sure if it would be able to capture the same fun or just rehash more of the same, but thankfully it delivers.

This time around it offers up a bit of a back story for Guy before leading into the where the whole family is now and what they have been doing. This keeps the familiarity of their dynamic intact while having them on bigger adventures before getting to the meat of it all. I love that this universe delves into a Flintstones like vibe in regards to the clever use of stuff to create their everyday items in fun ways. This also plays into the evolution of the world they are dealing with this time making them a more fish out of water element to bring the heart and laughs.

There is plenty of fun, love and laughter this time around all infused with a lot of action adventure to make for a good time. All of the voice acting is perfect making sure to infuse each character with their own memorable and fun

persona that you can’t help but love. Visually this film is beautifully colorful and vibrant. It is a visual feast overload to the senses in the best possible way.

I actually loved this one a lot more than the original as it just offers up so much more of everything that made the original great while moving things forward to not only end the film but leave it open to do more with them should they decide too.


 In addition to the film this release features bonus content including a gag reel, deleted scenes, commentary and numerous featurettes that take you behind bringing this latest chapter in the prehistoric family to life. Grab your copy of The Croods: The New Age available now on digital, 4K Ultra, Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Home Entertainment.

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