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The Founder review by Bobby Blakey

Ever since his brilliant turn in Birdman Michael Keaton has been on an upswing with each performance better than the next. His latest, The Founder looks to be doing more of the same with a great supporting cast including Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, Linda Cardellini, B.J. Novak, Laura Darn, Justin Randell Brooke, and Patrick Wilson with John Lee Hancock at the helm, but does it manage to keep you interested in the story of the famed fast food chain or will it offer up bad service?

The Founder follows the story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast food eatery, McDonald's, into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness. I have always loved Michael Keaton as an actor with one of my favorite flicks being Mr. Mom and once again he delivers a great performance here. He brings so much charisma to the role that you can’t help but initially like Kroc and root for him, but as time goes on that will likely all change. The film is about more than just business, but about the birth of not only the biggest fast food chain in the world, but of the fast food world as we know it today.

As the story unfolds they take time to let the story of the McDonald brothers be told which was one of the best parts of the film for me. Just seeing the innovations and ideas that they developed at that time was outstanding. A lot of this may not seem all that amazing, but you have to remember that at this time there wasn’t the fast food and drive thru we think of today so seeing it come to light through these two men is amazing. Once that story is told it shifts the focus to Kroc and his obsession to make it so much more and the franchising that made it the establishment that it is today. As this segments of the film play out is when you might change your feelings on Kroc as the business side of things become as cut throat as ever and had me angry to see what it turned into. Sure this is something that is pretty average when almost anything gets to generating that much money or popularity, but that doesn’t change all the wrongs that people suffer throughout.

In the end this film offers up great performances across the board and a story that is way more compelling than you might think. This is a serious drama that never gets too heavy and never tries to play up laughs but manages to tell a story that delivers on every level for me. Once again Keaton shows why he deserves to be in the spotlight and I hope this film gets the recognition it deserves.

In addition to this great film this release also includes featurettes and a press conference that gives viewers more insight to the true story. Hit the drive through and grab your copy of The Founder on Blu-ray and DVD available now from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. 

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