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The Ghost Station       review by Bobby Blakey

Well Go USA continues to churn out all sorts of interesting films across all genres. The latest, The Ghost Station stars Kim Bo-Ra, Kim Jae-Hyun, and Shin So-Yul from Once Upon A Time director Jeong Yong-Ki. Could this ride through the underground be worth haunting or will it miss all its stops?


The Ghost Station follows a young reporter who covers a suspicious accident and learns from police that her source was supposedly already dead at the time of their interview. As more mysterious deaths occur, she and her partner dig deeper into the case and come face to face with a horrifying truth.


Didn’t know much about this flick going in, but the film feels like it is a mash up between the Grudge and The Ring capturing all its tropes. As a whole it works really well to bring plenty of creepy visuals and tension as it works to unravel the mystery of what is causing all this. It wastes no time getting right to the point with a great opening sequence that will pull you right into the insanity to come.


The film keeps a decent pace most of the time with it only veering off a few times but always finding the route back on track. Through it all it follows a formulaic pattern that fans have seen before. When it works it is creepy fun, but it never really steps out of its comfort zone to offer up anything new. That doesn’t make the film bad by any means just misses the chance to showcase something new.


With its big reveal it brings it all together complete with a fun twist that you will see coming at the point of it getting ready to happen, but it doesn’t make

it any less satisfying. As films in this genre go it does a good job at bringing all the things fans love to the forefront and a decent horror flick that follows the footsteps of others before it in its own way.

Grab your copy of The Ghost Station available now on digital and DVD from Well Go USA.

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