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    The Good Place:

The Complete Series

            review by Drusilla  Blakey

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The Good Place follows our lead character, Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who wakes up in the afterlife and finds out she's made it to the 'Good Place'.  The only problem is, she knows she shouldn't be there.  Along with Eleanor, we meet a few others who realize they shouldn't be there either.  So, 'what the fork' is going on?!  Well, that's what the Good Place is all about.


Hilarious things happen as Eleanor and crew try to hide who they really were on Earth from each other, and from the people running the good place.  I must say, this is one of the funniest shows I've watching in a long time.  It's also super cleaver and did a great job of keeping the viewer engaged trying to figure out what was going on.  I think this is one of the things I really liked about this show.  You are not just a passive watcher of bright lights on a screen, you really feel invested in trying to solve the mystery along with the main characters.  The down side was that since it did bring me in, when something sad happened, I would be there crying on my couch asking "whhhhyyyyyy?"  But again, that's the sign of a great show - it's making you feel something!


Kristen Bell is fantastic in this role.  I had missed seeing her leading a show and it was good to have her back front and center.  Our other characters are

the perfect compliment and had great chemistry together, and finally we have Ted Danson who is absolutely amazing.  The relationships developed throughout the show feel so heart felt and sincere.  You really grow to love these people and think of them as any other dysfunctional family.  They go through so many ups and downs together that when I was watching the final few episodes, I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what was going to happen and how was this all going to be resolved?  Let me tell you, I ugly cried through the last few episodes.  I'm not ashamed to say it; it was so good!


I think many people who are fans of this show are asking themselves "how could it be over"?  I feel the same way.  It did have a good ending, everything is wrapped up, but still, I am like 'holy shirtballs', how can that be it?  But don't worry, now the complete series is out and it's full of extras that you will not want to miss out on!  I'm excited to see that there are some new extended episodes on here along with some fun commentaries, gag reels, etc.  So it should keep us all engaged for a long time.  If you have not seen the show, please take time to watch it - it will put you in a Good Place.


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