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The Green Mile 4K          review by Bobby Blakey


Director Frank Darabont is one of the few directors to score big on his first films being nominated for Best Picture Academy Awards. One of those films was The Green Mile based on Stephen King's 1996 novel of the same name and stars Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, James Cromwell, Michael Jeter, Graeme Greene, Doug Hutchison, Sam Rockwell, Barry Pepper, Jeffrey DeMunn, Patricia Clarkson, Harry Dean Stanton and the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

The Green Mile follows John Coffey, a giant of a man, who is brought to death row, where prison guard Paul Edgecomb and his fellow guards discover something very unusual about him. Convicted for the sadistic murder of two young girls, but behaving almost like a child himself, Coffey seems to have a supernatural gift of healing living things. Expectations are turned upside down and the guards’ sense of humanity is awakened in this adaptation of Stephen King’s compelling novel.


This is one of those movies that I have seen numerous times and I love it even more every time. It is all the more touching knowing that Duncan is no longer with us though. This is one of those multilevel stories that brings together pain, loss, love, passion, miracles and everything else you can think of. The supernatural element is front and center, but really feels secondary to the human experience across the board. I have also always found it so much more compelling that some of the worst characters in this story weren’t prisoners but one of the guards. Sure Rockwell’s character is awful, but pales in comparison to Hutchison’s.


The cast are all great here with everyone bringing something important

to the table and the reason it works so perfectly. Hanks is great as always, but the real scene stealer for me was always Duncan. He brings so much to this role physically and emotionally that you feels his love and pain. You can’t help but love the character and some of his final scenes talking about being tired are easily some if not the best of Duncan’s career and will smash you right in the feels. One of the best elements is the lack of ever really trying to give a reason behind it all and just lets it exist which makes it more powerful and effective. This film doesn’t need any help as it holds up as a piece of brilliant cinema, but this 4K version looks amazing and really does the film justice.

In addition to the film this release offer up bonus content including trailers, additional scenes, featurettes and more. Head back to the prison and grab your copy of The Green Mile available now on 4K for the first time from warner Bros Home Entertainment.

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