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The Intruder   review by Bobby Blakey


I love a good thriller especially when its focal point is a seemingly normal person coming unhinged. The latest looking to take on that genre is The Intruder starring Dennis Quaid, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy and Joseph Sikora with Traffik director Deon Taylor at the helm. Could this flick live up to the hype of the trailer or will it not be worth moving towards?

The Intruder follows a young married couple that buy a beautiful house on several acres of land only to find out that the man they bought it from refuses to let go of the property. On the surface this is a pretty generic by the numbers thriller and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The issue comes more in the pacing and decision making. Like most of these there are so many situations that would have been easily bypassed had the character used their brain, but then of course we wouldn’t have a film would we. I always expect a certain amount of this sort of thing, but when it keeps happening over and over then it eventually just becomes an issue of the story working.

The cast all do fine with the always great Quaid stealing the show. Everything that works here falls on his shoulders. In a story like this if you do not believe in the unhinged nature of his character the rest falls apart. Right from the start you know something is off and they never try to hide it. Often times the lack of mystery hinders the point of the motivation, but here it is the unraveling of his story and twist later in the film that makes him more compelling. A lot of the third act is not overly intense like I had hoped, but does work and offers up an abrupt ending that I actually liked.

In the end this is a decent addition to the genre, but never really offers up anything you haven’t seen before. It needed to either be scaled back from the bad decision making or just more time for Quaid to do his thing to make it fully successful.

In addition to the film this release includes bonus content including commentary, deleted scenes, gag reel, a featurette and an alternate ending. Grab your copy of The Intruder available now on digital and then on Blu-ray and DVD on July 30th from Sony Home Entertainment.

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