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                The Jerk:

40th Anniversary Edition                   review by Bobby Blakey

The Jerk 40th Anniversary Edition.png

There are few comedic actors like Steve Martin. He has delivered some great films and bits that have stood the test of time. For years he has focused more on his writings, banjo music and live shows which just showcases more of his total brilliance, but we cannot forget that back in 1979 he starred in one of the funniest movies of all time, The Jerk. Now Shout Factory is bringing the film home in an all-new 40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray for the first time ever.


The Jerk follows Navin Johnson, the adopted son of a poor black sharecropping family in Mississippi. When he learns that the world is a much bigger place than he’d ever imagined, Navin sets out on a quest to find his “special purpose.” His adventures lead him to encounter a would-be assassin, jobs in carnivals and gas stations, a life-saving dog, romance with the girl of his dreams and more money than he could ever spend. But his life in the clouds may come crashing down when the source of his new fame and fortune creates disastrous side effects. The film features a great cast alongside Martin including Bernadette Peters, Catlin Adams, Mabel King, and Jackie Mason with directing icon Carl Reiner at the helm. Together they created a hilarious masterpiece that still holds up today. Is it silly and ridiculous? Of course, but that is the charm of it all.

Everything about this film scream the 70s and still works great. Martin is at his best here leaving it all on the floor bringing laughs to every scene. His character is overly dumb and slow to the point of ridiculousness and that is exactly why it works so great. I have seen the movie numerous times and still laughed loud like it was the first time. I miss movies like this, but thankful that companies like Shout factory keep circulating them for all-new people to discover and fans to revisit.

If you have never seen this movie then you are truly missing out and need to take this opportunity to change this travesty at once. If you are not a fan then I can’t do anything to save you at this point. In addition to the hilarious classic this release includes bonus content including trailers, new featurettes including a conversation with Martin and Reiner and more. Grab your copy of The Jerk: 40th Anniversary Edition available now from Shout Select.

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