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The Little Mermaid: Anniversary Edition 

      Walt Disney Signature Collection 

                                                          review by Bobby Blakey

Little Mermaid 4K.jpg

Disney has become well known for their famed vault of films and where they used to release the diamond editions on Blu-ray they have since shifted to The Walt Disney Signature Collection Editions. The latest getting this treatment is The Little Mermaid: Anniversary Edition in high definition with restored picture and sound, as well as numerous special features for fans to enjoy when returning under the sea.

If for some strange reason you have never seen The Little Mermaid, it follows a mermaid who dreams of going on land, but when her father forbids it she makes a deal with the evil sea witch to make her human so that she can find her true love but it’s a deal that could change the sea forever. The film sports a great voice cast including Jodi Benson (“Toy Story 2,” “Toy Story 3”) as Ariel, Pat Carroll (“Laverne & Shirley”) as Ursula, Samuel E. Wright (Broadway’s “The Lion King”) as Sebastian, Christopher Daniel Barnes (“The Brady Bunch Movie”) as Eric, Kenneth Mars (“Young Frankenstein”) as Triton, Buddy Hackett (“The Music Man”) as Scuttle, Jason Marin (“Back to the Future”) as Flounder and René Auberjonois (“The Patriot”) as Chef Louis. 

It is really amazing how much memorable music can change an entire film. This classic Disney film is pretty simplistic in the story, but sports some of the most memorable songs of them all. It’s one that numerous people know the music and never realize they have never seen the entire film which says a lot of the finished product. The animation is clean and beautiful to look at but sports that generic Disney princess look that was popular at this time therefore doesn’t really stand out near as much as some of the older films. It’s amazing what Disney can get away with in their older animated films as this one sports some pretty creepy imagery for smaller kids as well as smoking and even some sexual innuendos which isn’t to say this film is inappropriate in anyway, but just says a lot for the name and what they were able to get away with. This maintains as one of the biggest films of Disney’s archive and one that will maintain its status forever. This latest edition offers everything you love about the film and more.

In addition to the brilliant look and feel of this high def version, it sports some great bonus features both classic and new including music videos, deleted scenes, sing-along mode, commentary, featurettes and more. Head under the sea and grab your copy of The Little Mermaid: Anniversary Edition – Walt Disney Signature Edition available now on Digital, 4K Ultra and Movies anywhere and then on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on February 26th from Disney

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