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The Marine 6: Close Quarters                        review by Bobby Blakey

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When the Marine starring WWE superstar John Cena hit theaters in 2006 who would have thought that it would become a franchise? Well apparently the WWE did as they released a straight to video sequel aptly named The Marine 2 with Ted DiBiase, Jr followed by three more entries with WWE Superstar Mike“The Miz” Mizanin. Now he is back once again for another chapter in the series with The Marine 6: Close Quarters teaming him up WWE Diva Becky Lynch and WWE Legend Shawn Michaels, but does it bring anything worth entering the ring for or will it get the three count too soon?


The Marine 6: Close Quarters follows Jake Carter and another former Marine, Luke Trapper, join forces to rescue a kidnapped girl from a gang of international criminals. Going into a movie like this, especially if you have seen any of the previous entries you know what to expect. I give this film some credit for not wasting a lot of time and trying to get right into the action from the beginning and keeping it rolling right to the end. There is nothing here that you haven’t seen in any other action film numerous times over, but they took it and ran with it and did a decent job.

One of the issues I have had with some of the WWE movies is the expected action doesn’t live up to expectations, but here they do a good job. There is nothing that overly stand out, but it works for what they want to deliver and makes for a good action flick. The story is simple and reminded me a lot of the film Trespass in overall tone. While it worked for what it was it did feel like it was trying to force more content at times to fill time in between that action. These moments lost me briefly, but the fun of the action would bring me back in.

Mizanin and Michaels work well together here to bring what appears to be a close to the franchise. I give total credit to The Miz for his commitment to the franchise and he has gotten better with every entry and although this one doesn’t have much meat in regards to character depth he still brought everything he had to the role and ended it on a high note. These are far from perfect films and clearly made more for the WWE fans so if you like the franchise or just anything WWE then give this film a shot.

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