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The Shannara Chronicles

      Complete Season 2

                         review by Drusilla Blakey

Based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Terry Brooks, `The Shannara Chronicles' follows heroes in the Four Lands as they embark on a quest to stop an evil Demon army from destroying the universe. 


Season One was a whirlwind as we were introduced to these amazing characters that quickly captured our hearts.  The end of season came much too quickly and left us fans completely devastated!  We lost our beloved Amberle when she sacrificed herself to save the Ellcrys and everyone else.  And at the start of Season Two, the effects of what happened are still being felt as we see everyone scattered and alone.


It’s a year later, and magic has now taken over the land again and we have no one to stop it.  Will Ohmsford (Austin Butler) has turned his back on his work as a Shannara because he’s so devastated after the battle of season one and all that happened with his love, Amberle.  As a viewer who really gets into a story, I get it - but I must admit that this season I felt that Mr. Butler's performance was just off.  The way he played his sadness or sense of being lost, was actually bordering on being a ‘whiney Luke Skywalker’, if you know what I mean.  I enjoyed his work in the first season but he was just slow starting for me this time.  Especially knowing how important the Shannara is (I mean it's the name of the show) I wished there had been more from him.


Luckily, in comes the mysterious Mareth (Malese Jow) who figures out ‘hey, aren’t you the last Shannara?’ and gets him back on the path.  Mareth begins presenting some amazing powers and leaves us wondering, ‘who is this girl’?.  But you need to watch the season to figure out who she really is and how it all ties together.  Believe me, it’s a total “What?!” moment that you will love. Plus Ms. Jow does such an amazing job!  I found it interesting that although she is completely new to the group, she quickly integrates herself and stands up to some strong performances from the cast and holds her own very well.  She happens to be half human and half elf which is actually interesting in our current cultural climate.  She has to deal with looks and chatter from everyone around her.  It's a great storyline and she shows so much emotion through her story arc of the season.


And of course, my favorite (FAVORITE) person in the entire show both in Season One and again this time in Season Two is Manu Bennett, who portrays the last Druid, Allanon.  It was interesting to me that in the first season, he was perhaps the oldest of the regular cast and was sort of the ‘father figure’ teaching and leading the team to their purpose.  In this second season, when he needs it, they become the ones to teach and lead him.  And he does such great work this season….it is amazing! His character evolves and changes and at times he has to pull double duty to push the story forward.  If you're a fan like me, you have seen his amazing range from being a gladiator with all muscle and strength in Sparticus.  And then, we see his angry and softer side as Deathstroke in Arrow.  And this falls right in-between.  We see it all - strength, emotion, some serious sadness, anger, power, etc.  He's not just a muscle head, but a serious actor (and yes, the muscles don't hurt - rarrrr) ;)


If you have not seen this season, you need to check it out now!  The excitement is bigger and better in this fun season!

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