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The Wrong Missy       review by Bobby Blakey

The Wrong Missy.jpg

I have been a fan of David Spade and his dry humor for years. I typically enjoy most of his movies and even more so when he is the straight man like in his older films Tommy Boy. His latest, The Wrong Missy takes him back to that role but this time paring him with the always funny Lauren Lapkus along with typical alum Rob Schneider and Nick Swardson. Could this latest comedy bring the laughs or will it be the wrong film to go to for comedy?


The Wrong Missy follows Tim who thinks he's invited the woman of his dreams on a work retreat to Hawaii, realizing too late he mistakenly texted someone from a nightmare blind date. The trailers for this film looked pretty funny, but comedies tend to show all the good parts in the trailer and more often than not offer up very little more outside of that. Thankfully this is not one of those and brought the laughs from beginning to end. The premise is silly and could have all been easily avoided, but makes for an interesting direction despite still being predictable.


Spade is great as always as the straight man trying to navigate his dating and career life. It’s always funny seeing him in these kinds of roles knowing his track record in the dating world because he is far from these kind of characters. His perfect dry humor works great here to perfectly compliment Lauren Lapkus as the over the top Missy. She steals the show and keeps the laughs coming as ridiculous as they are at times. I was already a fan of hers, but she really gets to shine with the physical comedy here and her timing is perfection. Some might find her a bit annoying and insane but that is completely the point of it all.


Both of them have great chemistry together in both comedic timing and as friends as the story grows. You believe in the situation despite it being over the top and in the end offers up all the laugh out loud moments I was hoping for. This film won’t work for everyone but for me it delivered and gave me all the insane comedy I wanted.


Check out The Wrong Missy available now exclusively on Netflix.

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