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Trigger Point   review by Bobby Blakey

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I think Barry Pepper is a highly underrated actor. I have been a fan for years and feel he always delivers no matter the role he takes on. His latest film, Trigger Point puts him in the lead role and co-stars Colm Feore, Laura Vandervoort, Eve Harlow, and Jayne Eastwood with director Brad Turner at the helm. Could this film give Pepper another chance to shine or will it fail to stay off the grid?


Trigger Point follows Nicolas Shaw, a disgraced former U.S. secret agent who suffered memory loss at the hand of captors, who is dragged back into the darkest shadows of the spy world when he is enlisted by his former partner to help find a missing colleague. Nicolas' skills will be put to the ultimate test as the two men try to unravel the mystery behind her disappearance before it's too late. But to uncover the truth, Nicolas will need to remember the past. Doing so might also be the key to clearing his own name.


This film kicks things into high gear right away before introducing us to Shaw played perfectly by Pepper. His entire initial routine and day in the life sequence sets up a really great character and backstory all while hardly speaking a word. His house alone is just really cool in all its clever misdirects. Pepper brings a simple man vibe to the role initially that lets you know there is more to him, but his appreciation of the simple things in life elevates the character and where he is mentally.


Seeing him just go through his daily and clearly paranoid life was great and coupled with Pepper’s great performance made for some interesting set up. As his world starts to unravel it has some great moments, but this is also where it falters. It goes from being something feeling fresh and interesting to a pretty run of the mill action thrillers. The twists and turns are pretty easy to figure out and the action is average at best. I am not 

looking for big action sequences, but hope for something that just stands out as something fresh and original.


In the end it isn’t a bad movie, but more of a generic actioner that we have seen a 100 times before. For me it is made better than it might have been otherwise thanks to Pepper’s involvement, but just never pushed the boundaries to something bigger that it could have been.


Decide for yourself and check out Trigger Point available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Screen Media.

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