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  The Venture Bros.: The Complete Series           review by Bobby Blakey

In 2003 the pilot episode of the animated series The Venture Bros. hit Adult Swim bringing the old school flare of shows like Johnny Quest, but with over the top humor infused fun. The series ran for seven seasons and while an eighth season was expected it was sadly canceled. Now the entire series is coming home featuring all seven seasons and loaded with extras.

The Venture Bros. follows the warped misadventures of a former boy adventurer turned washed-up, middle-aged mad scientist Dr. Rusty Venture; his moronic teenage sons; their maniac bodyguard; and the Doctor's arch-nemeses, incompetent super villain The Monarch and his masculine sounding paramour, Dr. Girlfriend.

I remember checking this show out when it first debuted, but for some reason I never stayed with it. Upon revisiting it and going all in still have no idea why I didn’t stick with it because this show is all kinds of excellent. While the show is infused with a parody element it is fully its own thing and pulls no punches with each season better than the next.

The art and animation is excellent bringing that classic feel while still being its own thing. Each episode pokes fun at something but makes sure to bring its own creative element to the storytelling. I love the wide variety of characters and looks bringing some new vibes, but even more

so recreating classic visuals that fans of the animated shows from the 70s and 80s came to love.

The vast amount of characters that grew throughout the seasons could have bogged down the show, but instead continued to enhance and add to the fun. I love that it gave lots of time for the villains and other secondary characters time to shine complete with their own story arcs that didn’t even feature the Venture team at times. It made them feel just as important as the rest of the cast and in turn all the better series.

One of the most entertaining elements of the series is the clever parodies of shows it is based on such as Johnny Quest and Scooby Doo. These versions of the characters are all hilarious and fun to watch. The familiar voice work and creative nature also enhances the secondary characters such as the random Monarch henchmen with one sounding like Ray Romano with hilarious results.

The show is silly, fun, ridiculous, familiar and all around brilliant in every way. It’s sad it was canceled before the promised eighth season, but excited for the upcoming movie Venture Bros.: Radiant Is The Blood of the Baboon Heart.

Whether you are an old fan or new to the Venture family this is the perfect time to join in on their adventures with The Venture Bros.: The Complete Series available now on DVD from Warner Bros and Adult Swim.

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