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Image and Skybound debuts connecting covers for The Walking Dead Deluxe # 79-84

TWDDLX 079 - 084 Santolouco Connecting Cover RGB.jpg

With 193 issues and varying one off issues it is pretty hard to dive in to this series, even trying to get all the collected editions thanks to its popularity. That all changed in 2020 with The Walking Dead Deluxe featuring the series reprinting from the very beginning and now in full color.


This deluxe revival of the series has featured a memorable array of variant covers—by such artists as David Finch, Tony Moore, Julian Totino Tedesco, and Arthur Adams—commemorating major character introductions and the series’ most memorable twists and turns. Each issue includes a new installment of “The Cutting Room Floor,” featuring Kirkman's original handwritten plots along with commentary on abandoned storylines and plot points that may have changed along the way.  

In celebration of  the next arc of the landmark comic series rhey have debuts the latest cover spotlight from superstar artist Mateus Santolouco (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and colorist Marcelo Maiolo (Jean Grey). Covering the “No Way Out” arc of the landmark comic series, Santolouco’s covers showcase fan-favorite characters fighting a gruesome battle against walkers.  These all-new covers will appear as variants to The Walking Dead Deluxe #79-84, with each issue presenting the series in full color format for the first time from writer/creator Robert Kirkman, with art by Charlie Adlard and colors by Dave McCaig. Fans will also receive a new look at the worldwide pop culture phenomenon with pinups and exclusive “Cutting Room Floor” commentary by Kirkman, celebrating the secret history of the series. 


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