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Who Killed Tupac?            review by Bobby Blakey

I have literally been a fan of Tupac since he burst onto the scene with Digital Underground and bought every album that was release before and after his death. The news of his death 1996 hit be personally pretty hard and still remember to this day where I was when I heard. For this to be an unsolved case for so long has been insane, but when the word came that a new docu-series was coming to A&E focusing on trying to solve this cold case I was instantly in.

Who Killed Tupac? focuses on the investigation of the death of prolific and influential rapper and actor Tupac Shakur. Each installment of this investigative series will include aspects from the legendary artist’s life, as well as follow famed civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump as he conducts a full-scale, intensive investigation into key theories behind Tupac’s murder. Typically with films like this you know that it is not going to suddenly solve the case, but what it does is take an in depth look at all the varying suspects and theories that have come along to narrow it down to what is believed to be the truth. The film is filled with stock footage, classic interviews and a variety of friends, family and people involved from all sides to take a look at this case from a balanced point of view.

What I loved about this film is that it takes you on a journey through elements that you likely knew about if you were alive during this time at all, but the more detailed investigation adds more perspective and insight that we might not have gotten just through the news. People have to understand that all this was going down prior to any social media so we had to follow the music, traditional news and more importantly MTV News to find out what was going on throughout these feuds and situations. For someone like me that was obsessingly following this case since it originally occurred, this film is a perfect companion as well as a journey through time back to when hip hop was changed forever.

I really liked this film and applaud them for creating something that was not just about how great Pac was and tried to not only solve the case, but also discredit a lot of the elements of the nonsense that has clouded the truth for 20 years. The ending here was not overly surprising, but there is a pretty big reveal that offers up more questions than answers, but also cements what some people thought for a long time. Grab your copy of Who Killed Tupac? available now on DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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