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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

                               review by Bobby Blakey


DC Entertainment has proven themselves with an outstanding catalog of animated feature films over the last couple of years including The Dark Knight Returns, Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Death of Superman saga and more recently Batman: Hush. Now they are bringing the third member of the DC Trinity to the forefront with Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, and all-new feature length animated film. Will this one be yet another great notch on the belt of the DC Animated Universe or should she have stayed on Themyscira?

​Wonder Woman: Bloodlines follows Amazon princess Diana of Themyscira who chooses to save fighter pilot Steve Trevor and return him to his home in America – setting in motion one of Wonder Woman’s most captivating chapters. Fulfilling the role of both ambassador as well as protector, Diana soon earns the name Wonder Woman from the gracious people of Earth. Equally strong in body, heart and will, she makes it her mission to help a troubled young girl enlisted by a deadly organization known as Villainy, Inc., whose criminal members have their sights set on invading Themyscira, Diana’s paradise home. Prepare for a thrilling quest packed with brutal battles, mysterious mythology and endless wonder!

​I love that with these character specific movies that are still part of their bigger shared universe and keeping with the same art style and voice cast. Rosario Dawson returns as Wonder Woman for the sixth time and once again fits into the role to perfection. While this film doesn’t offer up much to the Wonder Woman mythos it does serve up some great action and comic centric story that features a variety of fun villains and over the top fights. They offer up a little bit of early origin in the opening of the film before shifting its focus back to a more present day Wonder Woman, but makes sure to take things full circle.

I’m not the biggest Wonder Woman fan and this is not the best of the films they have put out thus far, but it still offers up everything fans of the character and/or comics could want. In addition to this feature it also offers up the new animated DC Showcase: D​eath-Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman.” I never followed the Sandman books, but this new short is pretty good taking on the darker side of the DC Universe. Not sure how it compares to any of the source material, but I found it entertaining with a great twist to it all. 

This release not only features the all-new film, but bonus content including a featurette, a peek at DC’s next animated feature Superman: Red Son. Grab your copy of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines available now on digital, 4K Ultra, Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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