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You Might Be The Killer              review by Bobby Blakey


One of the best things about the horror genre is that there are so many directions they can take any of the subgenres. My favorite horror films usually take on the slasher aspect and with so many iconic killers it is hard to imagine they can do all that much more at this point. The latest looking to bring some freshness to the mix is You Might Be The Killer starring Fran Kranz and Alyson Hannigan, but can it rack up some fresh kills or will it fail to rack up the body count?

You Might Be The Killer follows Sam who flees from a masked killer at camp, but it slowly dawns on him that HE might be the killer. With the help of his film buff friend Chuck, Sam navigates through horror movie tropes to try and make it out of this plot alive. From the opening of this film you know it is going to be something fun and new. Sure there are tons of the clichéd slasher film aspects, but that is kind of the point. There is obviously a mystery here as the title sets up but even though it seems pretty clear and feeds you some info early on it does a great job at throwing some twists and turns along the way to make it way more complicated than it seemed otherwise.

From the initial ideals it is screaming all the original rules for the genre in ways that make it feel fresh and new. Throughout the film Franz and Hannigan talk to each other over the phone trying to solve the mystery as the story time hops around. While I normally hate these kinds of storytelling here they made it clever and fun to watch complete with a kill counter that goes up and down depending on where in the story they are. One important rule of a slasher flick is to have a memorable killer and here they have done just that.

The look is cool and creepy complete with a pretty badass blade who unleashes a gory rampage on the counselors. The kills are fun and creative with no shortage on blood splattering fun. They do a cool thing with the cameras as well going from standard shots to views behind the killers mask making for a fun direction to keep the mystery alive until the bloody end.

I had so much fun with this film and hope it gets a decent push because horror fans will have a blast. Check out You Might Be The Killer available now On Demand and Digital HD from Screen Media.

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