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Zoo: Season Three       review by Bobby Blakey

When the first season of Zoo hit CBS in 2012 I was intrigued but on the fence. While the first season started out a bit slow it managed to pick up and finished on a strong note and apparently got good enough ratings to warrant a second season. Now for those that missed it or just want to return to the wild Zoo: Season Two is coming DVD.

Zoo follows violent animal attacks upon humans that are occurring all over the world. Jackson Oz, an American zoologist who offers safaris in Africa, begins to notice the animals' strange behavior and takes it upon himself to solve the reason why before these attacks become more coordinated and ferocious. In the new season the year is now 2027 and the world has reached a tipping point! The human population continues to dwindle due to the sterility problem and a devastating threat rises in the form of “the hybrids,” an army of unstoppable lab-made creatures who are hell-bent on destroying mankind. Although the team has become estranged over the past decade, Jackson, Jamie, Abraham, Dariela and Logan are forced to overcome their differences and reunite when they learn that Mitch is alive. As the planet’s future hangs in the balance, the team must race to stop the hybrids and their creator – a shadowy figure with a startling connection to the team’s past. This show still has its ups and downs, but they didn’t waste any time getting right into the action and this jump in time infused it with something new that it needed. There are very few slow moments, but I enjoyed the direction of this season for the most part as it seemed to be moving it forward much better with the time jump and taking it to the next level as opposed to just doing more of the same stuff from the first two seasons.

The characters have evolved in many ways and with them all separated it allowed them to take them in new ways before having them interact once again. Last season it took a more sci-fi approach and I was on the fence with that direction at the time, but seeing where they went this season showed it being a good decision. This along with the continued military involvement and growing mystery of it all does make it fun to watch. This collection features all the episodes of the third season as well as deleted scenes, a gag reel and a VFX reel.

Grab your copy of Zoo: Season Three available now from Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS DVD.

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