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3 Days in Malay      review by Bobby Blakey

Louis Mandylor has been kicking butt in Hollywood for years with every genre from his action films like The Debt Collector and more recently returning to the role of Nick in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 s well as behind the camera as director for numerous projects. Now he is returning to the action genre this time in multiple roles again as director and star in his latest film 3 Days In Malay, but does the film capture the intensity of war or will it be a battle not worth fighting?


3 Days in Malay follows a small group of dedicated soldiers who must defend an airfield for three days against the Japanese assault during the fight for Malay in WWII. The film co-stars Peter Dobson, Ryan Francis, Randall J. Bacon, and MMA Legends Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.


Heading into this film I was worried if it was going to be able to deliver or fall into that world of low budget Asylum type films. My biggest draw came from the involvement of Mandylor who I am a fan of and glad I did as the film is so much better than I expected. The film is a lower budget film and has moments where the CGI isn’t the best, but nothing that looks cheap or bad. In actuality I was pretty impressed with what they put together in this format.


The pacing of the film is slow at times as it is trying to get you invested with the characters and their lives. This makes sense, but at the same time drags the film down at times. I appreciate the direction of what is trying to do so that you are more invested and care when things good and bad happen in the battlefield, I just with it had either been trimmed down or spread out more through the other characters.


While the film is heavy loaded with the drama and character building early on it does not hold back on the action. The second half of the film when they are sent out into the field and an earlier battle brings some great action across the board. Does it rival the big budget action films no, but it is bringing everything you want and then some to make it still effective. The ending keeps it coming right until the violent bloody end to really give you the impact of war in its own way.


This isn’t the big spectacle audiences are likely to expect, but instead a more intimate personal project that brings something good to the genre. Props to Mandylor on bringing his vision to life and a great performance along with it.


Decide for yourself and grab your copy of 3 Days In Malay available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA.  

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