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80 For Brady  review by Bobby Blakey

When Jane Fonda and Liliy Tomlin reteamed for the series Grace and Frankie their magic instantly returned. Sadly the show ended after seven seasons, but to my excitement they have reteamed once again for the film 80 For Brady alongside icons Sally Field and Rita Moreno as well as NFL legend Tom Brady from director Kyle Marvin. Could this senior sports film bring the laughs or will it fail to win the game?

80 For Brady follows four best friends and New England Patriots fans who take a life-changing trip to Super Bowl LI to see their hero Tom Brady play, and the chaos that ensues as they navigate the wilds of the biggest sporting event in the country.


I am always excited when they put films like this together featuring iconic actors. Sure they don’t always work, but just seeing them together is reason enough to give it a chance. This is one of those that while follows a pretty generic formula manages to deliver a fun little film thanks mostly to its strong cast and their chemistry together. WE all know Tomlin and Fonda have been an unstoppable duo for some time, but margining in Field and Moreno just gave it that extra kick it needed.


The story is simple and in a format we have seen numerous times and not overly hard to figure out where it is headed and how it will all play out, but it’s the fun getting there that makes it work. Had it been a lesser cast it would have been forgettable, but getting to see them all cut lose and have some fun in this kind of flick put a smile on my face.


They are all great and I love Tomlin and Fonda, but for me it was Field and Moreno that really stole the show. Maybe it’s because we don’t get to see them in this kind of thing often, but I thought they brought the most fun and interestingcharacters to the front of the line. They are all clearly having a good time making the film and it shines through, but those two ladies were my personal favorites.


In the end the film is filled with friendship, laughs, heart, fun and lots of Tom Brady. It entertains in exactly the way it set out to do and might not be breaking down any new walls in comedy, but is certainly fun and worth checking out.


In addition to the film this release offers up bonus content including extended & deleted scenes, music video, featurettes and more. Head to the biggest game of the season when 80 For Brady hits Blu-ray and DVD on May 2nd from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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