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A Clockwork Orange 4K            review by Bobby Blakey

A Clockwork Orange 4K.jpg

Through the years there have been films that have become classics that are pretty out there. In 1971 the film A Clockwork Orange was unleashed on the world starring Malcolm McDowell as Alex DeLarge, Warren Clarke, James Marcus and Michael Tarn as his droogs, Patrick Magee and Michael Bates with director Stanley Kubrick at the helm.

A Clockwork Orange follows England of the future, where Alex and his "Droogs" spend their nights getting high at the Korova Milkbar before embarking on "a little of the old ultraviolence," while jauntily warbling "Singin' in the Rain." After he's jailed for bludgeoning the Cat Lady to death, Alex submits to a behavior modification technique to earn his freedom; he's conditioned to abhor violence. Returned to the world defenseless, Alex becomes the victim of his prior victims.

I remember witnessing this movie for the first time and never really knew how I felt about it, but it always stuck with me. I say witnessing because that is what happens with this film. It is an acid trip of brilliance that not only holds up, feels pretty out there while making perfect sense and a complete masterpiece. As the film evolves it never loses the unique vision that Kubrick set out to showcase until the very end.

There are elements that might be hard to watch for some and others may be totally confused and put off by it, but there is a deep message here that will dig into your soul if you allow it. The dialogue and narration is almost Shakesperian in execution and elevates it even further in style and impact.


Everyone here is either really great or way over acting, but clearly by design and it just works. McDowell leads the charge and is outstanding. This new 4K version of the film looks beautiful and crisp bringing an even more

vibrant look to the already visual overload. This release not only includes this new remastered version of the film, but also all the previously released bonus content including commentary and featurettes on the making and revisiting the film.

​Grab your copy of A Clockwork Orange on 4K and Digital available now from Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

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