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Lionsgate announces Arthur the King on Blu-ray and DVD

Throughout his career Mark Wahlberg has taken on almost every kind of role you can think of including numerous stories of real life people. Hist latest film Arthur the King reteams him with The Family Plan director Simon Cellan Jones and co-stars Simu Liu, Juliet Rylance, Ali Suliman, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Paul Guilfoyle.


Arthur the King follows an unbreakable bond that is forged between pro adventure racer Michael Light and a scrappy street dog companion dubbed Arthur over the course of ten days and 435 miles. Light, desperate for one last chance to win, convinces a sponsor to back him and a team of athletes for the Adventure Racing World Championship in the Dominican Republic. As the team is pushed to their outer limits of endurance in the race, Arthur redefines what victory, loyalty and friendship truly mean.


In addition to the film this release offers up bonus content including commentaries, trailers, featurettes and more. Join the race and grab your copy of Arthur the King hitting premium digital on April 23rd and then on Blu-ray and DVD on May 28th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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