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The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai:           Across The 8th Dimension

                                          review by Bobby Blakey

Shout Factory has been bringing the classics to Blu-ray and DVD for years now under not only the Shout Factory brand, but also their horror collection under Scream Factory. Now they are launching an all-new brand with Shout Select and their first title from the new brand is the 1984 cult hit The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension Collector’s Edition starring Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Ellen Barkin, Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Lloyd, and Clancy Brown.

The film follows Neurosurgeon/Rock Star/Superhero Buckaroo who has perfected the oscillation overthruster, which allows him to travel through solid matter by using the eighth dimension. The Red Lectroids from Planet 10 are after this device for their own evil ends, and it's up to Buckaroo and his band and crime-fighting team The Hong Kong Cavaliers to stop them. If you have never seen this film it is just as ridiculous as it sounds, but in the best way possible. I must admit when I was younger and saw this film I couldn’t figure out what was going on and hated it. Re-watching it doesn’t make it make that much more sense, but I can see the fun and how ahead of its time it was when it was made. This is an over the top ridiculous film that offers up lots of fun and great moments despite being a bit disjointed and all over the place. The reason this film works despite the zaniness of it all is that they were clearly taking it as seriously as they possibly could in hopes to make the audience buy into it all. The highlight and most over the top performance is that of the always great John Lithgow who was clearly all in and makes the film all the more beautifully bizarre. The effects are a bit dated, but that is yet another part of the charm. This is a movie that manages to bring this bizarre team and story to life and in the end have you wanting more. The names of the aliens are hilarious and while the ending feels a bit forced and anti-climactic this film won me over in the sheer strangeness of it all.

The entire idea is goofy, but manages to create a group of heroes and a world that would have made a great series for fans had it managed to find the audience when it needed it. There was even a plan for a sequel that was promoted at the end of the film, but sadly it was not to be. Recent talks has Kevin Smith possibly bringing a TV version to revive the property, but only time will tell if it actually happens. In addition to the film this release also includes numerous bonus features including commentaries, alternate opening sequence, deleted scenes, and more.

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