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Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget                      review by Bobby Blakey

I love all things stop motion animation and one of the best studios to do it is Aardman. Their famed Shaun the Sheep and duo Wallace and Grommet have been bringing the laughs for years. In 2000 they took on a different set of farm animals with Chicken Run. Now over twenty years later we are finally getting a sequel with Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget featuring the voice talents of Thandie Newton, Zachery Levi, Imelda Staunton, David Bradley, and Bella Ramsey from Flushed Away and ParaNorman director Sam Fell. Could this film offer up more of the farmyard laughs or will it fail to hatch?  


Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget follows Ginger, having pulled off a death-defying escape from Tweedy's farm, who has finally found her dream - a peaceful island sanctuary for the whole flock, far from the dangers of the human world. When she and Rocky hatch a little girl called Molly, Ginger's happy ending seems complete. But back on the mainland the whole chicken-kind faces a new and terrible threat. For Ginger and her team, even if it means putting their own hard-won freedom at risk - this time, they're breaking in.


As much as I love this sort of animation for whatever reason I just never connected with the original Chicken Run. Despite that I was still excited to see something new from Aardman. To be fair I revisited the original prior to this one and did enjoy it more than I previously remembered. Heading into this one I was hoping that it would win me over in a way the original never fully did. To my surprise I ended up enjoying it quite a bit and more than the original.


I give major props to the original for the clever play on the Great Escape, but this new one just felt even bigger with the new world they have created and the adventure they are on. Once again, the film brings the fun of the chickens and their personalities to the forefront for a fun filled story that works. It really

pulled me into the characters and their journey that missed somehow when the original was released for me. It also makes the original film all the more enjoyable and makes me want to revisit it yet again.


The animation is unsurprisingly excellent on every level. I love this stuff and the attention to detail bringing these stories to life. No matter how many times I see one of their projects it is always amazing and whether the film works or not there is no doubt they are masterpieces of filmmaking.


If you are fan of the original or just like silly fun animation then check out Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget streaming now on Netflix.

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