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Eureka Entertainment bringing China O’Brien I & II to Blu-ray and 4K

Throughout the 80s and 90s there was no female action star that dominated the screen like the Lady Dragon herself, martial arts icon Cynthia Rothrock. After her strong presence in the Asian film scene, she found her groove here in the states with a variety of films, but her best in my opinion is her pair of China O’Brien films from 1990. The films teamed her up with martial arts action stars Keith Cooke and her frequent collaborator Richard Norton and kicks all kinds of butt from Enter the Dragon and Game of Death director Robert Clouse at the helm.


Sadly, neither of these films has been readily available for years and looked to be slowly disappearing into obscurity, but thankfully that is all about to change. Eureka Entertainment is giving these films the release they deserve, bringing them together in one collector’s set on 4K and Blu-ray like they have never been seen before.


China O’Brien follows city cop and formidable martial artist Lori “China” O’Brien is forced to resign from the force and return home to a small Utah town after her involvement in an accidental death. But upon arrival in Beaver Creek, she finds that her lawman father, Sheriff John O’Brien is desperately

trying to bring down local crime boss Edwin Sommers, and it isn’t long before she steps into the fray. 


China O’Brien II follows Lori who must once again protect her hometown from a dealer who puts a prize on her head because she spoiled an important drug deal. But all the world's criminals will not be enough to catch up with China, one of the masters of the martial arts.


This collection not only includes both films, but also bonus content including trailers, commentaries, new interviews with cast & crew including Rothrock herself. As if that wasn’t enough the first 2000 copies will feature a slipcase cover with new artwork by Grégory Sacré (Gokaiju) as well as a Limited-edition collector’s booklet featuring new essays by James Oliver and film scholar Eddie Falvey.


This is a must have for any martial arts film fan so grab your copy of the China O’Brien I & II Special Edition when it hits Blu-ray and 4K on April 29th from Eureka Entertainment.

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